The band "Evolucija" was founded in Switzerland in 2007 by Dragisa Marinjes. In the same year the band had published its first album in Belgrade, Serbia, titled "Baklja slobode" ("torch of the freedom") which appeared at "TIOLI" Records. Highlights had been the concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival, guest at radio channel K broadcast as well as at the television broadcasting station M-Sat.

For the German film "The Templars" Dragisa composed the official soundtrack "Pale Rider". The video to "Pale Rider" was produced by film producer and director Andreas Leffler and his team at a castle ruin in Zell (Germany). "Evolucija" was guest of honour at the film premiere in Munich. Before sold off house Andreas Leffler thanked Dragisa and "Evolucija" for the good cooperation and introduced them to the German audience. The song "Pale Rider" run as an introduction to the film on all big film canvases of Munich.

In 2012 Dragisa and Vocalist Ilana moved to Serbia. They recorded the second album "Igra Pocinje" ("the game begins") in Serbian language, which was released in 2016. To three songs of this album music videos had been produced and published: "Letim" ("I am flying") 2015, "Kao iz sna" ("as in a dream") 2016 and "Nisam za tebe ja" ("I'm not for you") 2016. The music videos as well as the album are being praised by specialised publications. A lot of interviews with TV and radio stations as well as live concerts followed. One highlight of "Evolucija" is the opening concert at the Beerfest in Belgrade in 2016. The album is also recorded in English language and will be published this year.


Dragiša Marinjes

Instrument: Bass

Country of Birth: Serbia12050

Equipment: BTB and Ibanez K5 5 String Bassguitars, DR Black Beauties Strings, Ampeg SVT-4 Pro Amp, Boss ME-50B pedalboard, Shure PSM 200 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System


Ilana Marinjes-von Arx



Instrument: Vocal120

Country of Birth: Switzerland

Equipment: beyerdynamic TG V70d Microphone, Shure PSM 200 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System


Stevan Miletić


Instrument: Lead Guitar

Country of Birth: Serbia

Equipment: Ibanez Guitar, Hughes&Kettner Switchblade 100 Amp, Marshall Slash Signature Box



Igor Raven Miladinovic


Instrument: Rhythm  Guitar

Country of Birth: Serbia

Equipment: Schecter Omen7, Randall RG100 Amp,Zoom Drive 5000

Aleksandar Kaštevarac


Instrument: Drums

Country of Birth: Serbia


Ludwig Drums, Ludwig SupraphonicSnaredrum, Tama Iron Cobra Drum Pedals, Paiste 2002 Cymbals, Vic Firth Drum Sticks

Vic firth drum sticks, ludwigdrums,evans drumheads ,tama drum pedals,ludwigsnaredrum,paiste 2002 cymbals,ludwigsupraphonicsnaredrum,